Gentle Spirit alpaca Farm

4. Hypo-allergenic. If you’re worried about allergies, alpaca is for you. Its hypo-allergenic meaning that it’s relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. In addition, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin and does not have barbs like wool, which makes it perfect for people who can’t wear wool because of the lanolin residue or the prickle.​

3. The feel. Even before the Great Pyramids were built, natives in Peru were breeding alpacas for their fine fleece. Thousands of years later, alpacas still continue to produce some of the finest fleece in the world and the finer the fiber, the softer it feels. This makes alpaca products feel great to the touch and wearable against the skin.​

6 Reasons To Love Alpaca Fiber

1. It’s natural. Feel great knowing that the fiber you are using is from natural, renewable resources. While acrylics have a place in the yarn world and are useful for some projects, they are made from man-made products and chemicals. Plus, while you’re working on your project, it’s a lot more fun thinking about the cute and fuzzy alpaca that the fiber came from than the oil wells that the petroleum came from. 

Light Fawn Alpaca Fleece

6. Supporting small businesses. 

There are around 150,000 alpacas across the United States, and the majority of them live on small alpaca farms. Buying alpaca supports these small businesses and others, like the mini-mills that process the fleece into yarn.​

2. The color.Alpacas come in a variety of colors from black to brown to gray to white, and everything in between. No other fiber animal produces so many colors. Many alpaca products are made with these natural colors and some are mixed with or dyed over the natural colors to create beautiful blends. Dark colors created with naturally dark fiber are fade resistant and the natural colors won’t fade. Natural black will stay black!

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5. It’s so warm AND breathable. Alpaca fiber has air pockets that creates superb insulation to keep you warm. At the same time, though, it breathes which means it won’t leave you as sweaty as products made of synthetic fibers can.